Most of our research is based in Central America. Therefore, we have a strong network of collaborators in Panamá and Costa Rica and we also travel sometimes to the Isthmus ourselves.

#istmobiome workshop #1

Marine Microbial Symbiosis Workshops: Organized together with Dr. Matthieu Leray and Dr. Jarrod Scott at Bocas del Toro, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panamá (STRI; Dec 3-8, 2018).

Workshop participants 2018

#istmobiome workshop #2

Dr. Matt Leray and Dr. Laetitia Wilkins led the organization of a second workshop (a follow-up), funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and STRI provost John Davis (same place; Dec 1-7, 2019). For more information and a photo gallery check out this link:

Pura Vida

On a field expedition in Costa Rica during an exterme low tide event in March 2018. Accompanied by amazing friends. Biodiversity. Life. Connecting with wonderful researchers.

Meeting our collaborator Dra. Yolanda Camacho at the University of Costa Rica
Sea anemone in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Tamatoa’s cousin
Spaghetti worms
Elysia diomedea
Equus caballus, or the sea horses

All of these images were taken by Dr. Benedict Yuen. Please ask him for permission before using.