First lab retreat for EEI

After an intense first six months with lots of ups and downs, we celebrated our first EEI retreat!

Last week, we traveled to Rostock for our first EEI retreat. We cooked together. We found mushrooms. We finished our lab code of conduct. We held a poster session. We visited the Baltic Sea. And we found fossils.

The group is growing.

It was too short. Next time, we will plan a few more days.

We stayed at a windmill where we played games each night until we fell asleep.
Duri, our postdog enjoyed it as well.

Laetitia G.E. Wilkins
Laetitia G.E. Wilkins
Max Planck Research Group Leader

My research interests include host-microbe interactions (e.g., chemosymbioses), their evolution, and their role in ecosystem function and stability.