Happy first birthday, EEI!

With the beginning of March 2023, we realized that our first birthday was coming up!! We decided to do something special.

Our first year was a wild ride full of highs and lows. It was a time of building up, setting a foundation we believe in, exploration, discovery and growth. We had to learn how to overcome new challenges and navigate through uncharted territories.

There are times when you doubt yourself and the decisions you have made. You question your abilities and your worth. But in those moments, you draw upon the strength of your heart and the power of your mind. You rise above the doubts and fears. As a group you support and carry each other. You persevere, you adapt, you grow.

To celebrate our growth, we slowed down, congratulated each other, and endulged ourselves in a creative activity. It literally became very quiet and you could feel the peace in our seminar room, when we were painting our new EEI pottery - coffee cups and flower pots. When I looked up from my pot, I saw a bunch of smiling faces, deep into their drawings.

pink, always pink
done and accomplished

After we ran out of pottery, we walked over to Universum and explored their permanent exhibition. We sat through an earthquake simulation (it made Isidora feel like home), we played with sand, and we had a faulty AI algorithm try to recognize our emotions. We ended this special birthday with some nice dinner at “soulmate”.

building up a new home

Laetitia G.E. Wilkins
Laetitia G.E. Wilkins
Max Planck Research Group Leader

My research interests include host-microbe interactions (e.g., chemosymbioses), their evolution, and their role in ecosystem function and stability.